Todays look on Instagram 29.04.17

I know a lot of You wonderful followers both on Instagram and Facebook have been asking about a better way to shop and see what jewellery we are wearing on our pictures – so now I am trying this way 🙂 – and I would really like to know what You think about it?

Camilla is so ready for weekend with this amazing earringmix:


Danish webshop:
Kranz&Ziegler earcuff, Kranz&Ziegler Double earrings, Louise Kragh Triangle Chain earrings, Stine A Petit Toupie earring
Other countries:
German, Swedish, Norwegian, International

It’s been a crazy week at A-Hjort closing a lot of things making it all ready for Camilla to stop this Friday – above this I’ve been in Copenhagen to visit a very good friend and my little boy Anton been sick all week too – but now it’s saturday and I look forward to a nice day with my family!

By the way remember to check out the amazing new HIGH SUMMER 2017 COLLECTION FROM PERNILLE CORYDON here 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Pssttt… Stay tuned for new search function and better navigation layout soon – and a really exciting surprise day for shopping tomorrow on A-Hjort!

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